19 August 2014

Today I share with you some photos from Venice, our second stop from our trip.
It’s my second time in Venice, one of my favorite city after Paris, is so romantic and the architecture  of this wonderful places is unique.  This time we choose to walk the lees populated streets, because in this period Venice is so crowded. 
 Our trip is continued to Vienna but unfortunately the weather wasn’t to good, it was raining and the temperature it was low, we stay 1 day there for shopping and after we choose to come back home in Bucharest.

I was wearing:
Mango top
H&M skirt
H&M espadrilles
Vintage silver necklace
No name bag
Photos by Stefan Popescu


  1. Oh Venice is so beautiful! Enjoy your Italian trip! xx ✿

  2. what gorgeous photos! I love your cute hat!

  3. The place is sooo beautiful! I went to Venice before when I was 7 years old but didn't really appreciate it 'cos I was so young. Would love to go back there now that I'm older! <3

  4. Amazing photos! Venice is so beautiful!

  5. beautiful photos!! kiss

  6. Awesome pictures! I love Venice!
    ♘ ♘