30 December 2014

How about a fairy-tale wedding at the end of the year? More specifically the last day of 2014?

I watch on the window and take a break for sipping some coffee, as I continue dreaming. The snowflakes are falling on the window sill and my ideas keep rolling as a snow ball. Outside is snowing and this fairy tale landscape made me imagine how would a weeding look on this kind of weather, with a lot of snow, when time seems standing still and everything around is frozen, like a crystal palace. 

Not long ago, my perfect wedding started like this:  a tropical weather, with lots of sun and everything that comes around with a sunny summer, but today I changed my perception, you can have a superb wedding in the winter when everything around looks like in a fairy tale.

For those who prepare these days foe the Big Step, here’s a list with 10 reasons why winter wedding is more special:

1. Everything looks magic- winter wedding make you believe in magic;
2. Landscape- nothing compares with winter landscapes, believe me;
3. The color palette- almost every color fits perfectly with this season, from silver to bright red;
4. Natural light- we all want perfect pictures on our wedding day and this could be realized with good light as a winter morning light, so take advantage now the light is with you J;
5. Definitely your wedding should be reminded, while it is different from the other weddings that are made in other seasons;
6. Decorations- you could choose almost everything avoiding the kitsch;
7. Transportation – you can choose a white horses drawn carriage or even a sledge for going from the church to the location where the party should be, which will match perfectly the fairy tale wedding;
8. Food- you don’t have to worry about sophisticated meals, you could choose also a comfy meal;
9. Everything is cheaper this time and you could negotiate – from the wedding dress you choose to the rental of the location;
10. Honey moon- now you could choose leaving the cold weather for an  exotic destination.

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So what about a winter wedding?


  1. Original y muy bonito. Porqué no???
    Feliz año 2015 guapa!!!

    Besos, Emi

  2. I'd never thought of a winter wedding, but when I tie the knot someday i'd definitely consider it if it looked as beautiful as the pics in your post!

    Peppermint + Ivy

  3. What an editorial! I adore those pictures!
    Happy new year!

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  4. Lovely post!!

    I've nominated you for the liebster award! Hope you'll get around to do it :)



  5. Beautiful dresses!

  6. I totally agree!
    Whenever I get married, I also want it to be on December.
    Thanks for these wonderful ideas Adelina!
    And those dresses, they're gorgeous!

    Stay in Style,
    Karen @ http://officiallookbookstore.blogspot.com