08 December 2014

Hello lovies, hope you’ll have a perfect start of week!
My week began somewhere around 4 am today, working on the new look of the blog as I told you last week. I thought it would be easy and in one week I can finish all this, but is not, hope to finish until the New Year Eve and start the year in “new home”.
Regarding my outfit I realized that my new favorite “color” is black, I do not know how that until a year ago cannot bear to see black on my clothes and now I want all to be black or my outfit to have something black.
Wearing today an oversized fluffy cardigan with this leather trousers, and yes is all black (less the bag). I love the blend between leather and the fluffy material of the cardigan, makes the leather to look more temperate and not the star of the outfit.

I was wearing:
Calvin Klein bag
H&M cardigan/trousers/shoes/necklace
Zara sweater

Photos by Stefan Popescu


  1. Amazing outfit, I love everything about it. You look awesome :)

  2. You can never wear too much black!
    xx Daphne