08 March 2015

Being asked often about the way I take care of my hair, today I thought to reveal you some secrets from my care ritual.

In first place I tell you there aren’t any types  of hair that doesn’t  need special attention and nobody, right after taking off the towel,  isn’t looking as they went out from the hairdresser- these are just myths.

Since my teenage years I started grooming my hair, even it was not dyed and I wasn’t  dressing it, in that time. I only knew that if I wanted to have it last long and keep it shiny I should take care of it permanently.  After a while, since my hair is aggressed by the dye I try to give it back the shining and elasticity, which disappears while dying. It is true all these procedures takes time, but we all know there is always I can’t but if you want…

One of the main steps in taking care of your hair is washing, I used- back when I was not dying it- washing it every day. I know you’ll tell me I wasn’t right, I heard it many times…either I will lose my hair, either the shine will be lost, or the hair tips will fret sooner, finally only myths. I say myths for the most persons asked me how I take care of my hair, were very interested in my little tricks I used/use, telling me my hair looks very nice, but as soon I told them I washing them every day, criticism and opinions against this thing were flooding like the water that was touching my scalp every day, in their vision my hair was not that nice for I washing it too often.

Now over one and a half year since I dye my hair I’m not washing it daily, not for taking care of somebody else’s opinion, but for the fact my hair doesn’t require a daily wash, it’s a little bit dry now, I choose to wash it every 2 days.

A little secret that I use for a while, after shampooing it with the special colored hair shampoo ( I use L’oreal )and apply the balm from the same range like the shampoo, at the last washing  I use cold, cold water through all the length of my hair ( not on scalp, because I will have a serious flu).  Once done this thing the hair pores are closed and first of all we won’t have a frizzy hair and secondly the hair will get back to the natural shine.

Once a week I use to prepare a natural oil mask in addition with a lemon- I know it sounds like a salad dressing- but believe me this mask is a wonder maker. I don’t have a recipe or a per gram dosage that I respect I just pour in a bowl: Argan oil, Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, oily vitamin A and the juice from a lemon. After mixing all these ingredients I put them in a sprayer and I apply everything on my hair and scalp, I wrap my head in a plastic foil and I stay in that way for a few hours, after this I wash my hear. Although if your hair is not blond dyed I wouldn’t recommend you use lemon it washing away the dye and it will look like a Dalmatian.

We finally arrived to drying and hairdressing. I tell you I’m not a fan using flat iron or curly iron, but I always use the hair dryer. I always take care to keeping the hair dryer at a 20 cm at least from my hair.

Like most people if one day I want more volume I dry my hear whit my head tilting down and if I want less volume, with my head tilting up. After drying I apply some Argan oil drops in my palm and then gently pass with my hands above the hair tips.

The brushing has its very important role, I know I brush myself when my hair is wet- I know you’ll say it’s not good – still it feels well- and I comb it only when needed. Brushing it very often could aggress it and thinning it.
As I took a while I don’t’ know how many of you reached the end, but I promise next time I’ll make a short tutorial, for unhandy people as I am also, for how we should hairdess with a simple brush, neither a rotating one nor a round one, just using  our both hand and without having a muscular soreness.

Photos by Stefan Popescu


  1. Nice post!
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  2. Your hair is beautiful. Unfortunately I am bald so I cannot use these great Thanks for sharing buddy.

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  3. wow, your hair is fabulous <3 Thank you so much for sharing my dear!

  4. Thanks for the tips about how you take care of your gorgeous hair Adelina xo

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  6. Your hair looks incredible!
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  7. you do have beautiful hair!

  8. Your hair is so lovely and thick! My hair would never look good that long.

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  9. this is such a well written post! no wonder you have been asked about your hair, is beautiful :)